ValCoat Powders

ValCoat Powders

This is specially selected epoxy resins and hardeners and formulated in order to meet the requirements of specifications related to external protection of underground steel pipelines and particularly as an anticorrosion primer prior to polyethylene coating application, according to so called “3-layer” technique. This can be applied up to 600 µm thickness. it is recommended to pre-heat themetal at 220 degree centigrade (Effective Metal Temprature) to achieve desired coating thickness.



We can produce following dirreferent grades as per requirement - 

1. Normal Cure Spray Coating.

2. Fast Cure spray Coating

3. Normal Cure Dip Coating

4. Fast Cure Dip Coating


    Spray Coating   Dip Coating
  Fast Cure   Cures at room temperature   Cures at room temperature
  Normal Cure   Curing Temperature   180OC for 10-12 minutes   Curing Temperature   180OC for 10-12 minutes